1. Minneapolis

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he wakes up next to you
he makes love to you and then he feeds you breakfast
I wake up alone with this tattoo
it reminds me what can come of being reckless
you fall asleep with him but hold me near
like your childhood toy that’s losing all it’s stuffing
that you just can’t bring yourself to cast away
but all the while I’m holding on to nothing
I release you
go and love him

i rolled the dice, bet the rent
but now I’m busted and it’s time to leave the table
i can’t count what i spent
i’ll save what dignity I’ve left while I’m still able
i know you went thru the same
believe me I just couldnt be more understanding
please don’t cry, it’s all ok
at least one of us has had a gentle landing

oh, i get it - now I get it!
one of god’s better jokes, hey - I can hear her laughing!
It’s all or nothing
It’s all for nothing
go and love him

i’ve not a thing left to sell
I’ll leave your doorstep, now, there is no point in dawdling
my only love, I wish you well
if you’re happy, there’s no reason to be maudlin

now it’s all by the way
it certainly has been an education
by the clear light of day
just think of this like it’s some kind of graduation

oh, i get it - now I get it!
i’m letting go of all of these illusions
go and love him
go and love him