Produced by Gary Gold and Tristan

All songs written by Tristan except Just Noise (Beck Hansen) and Arlington (Tristan and Orville Stoeber)

Vocals and guitar: Tristan
Drums: Gary Gold
Percussion: Petri Korpela and Sam Bacco
Upright and electric bass: Viktor Krauss, Mike Pellarin, Mike Cohen
Piano: John Capek, Brandon Etheridge
Violin/viola: David Davidson
Cello: Emily Nelson
Additional strings and cello: Jimbo and Nika Ross
Additional guitars: Mike Waldron, Bill Bell
Mandolin: Jim Bevan 
Brass: Doug Gibson (trombone), Paul Litteral (trumpet), Stephanie O'keefe (French Horn)

Strings arranged by Tristan (Amnesia, Arlington, Priceless), Steve Weisberg (Just Noise, Hollywood Ending),Nate Kinsella (As Waters) 
Brass arranged by Steve Weisberg

Recorded at Gary's (Gary Gold engineer) the Bordello (Andy Kravitz, engineer), BB (Bill Bell, engineer) and Village Recorders los angeles

Cover photo by Brandon Etheridge. other photography by tristan. photo processing: Kiran Friesen

Executive Producers: Roseangela Nurre, Jonathan Schneider, George and Anahid Avakian

tristan plays and endorses Godin Guitars and DR Strings

Thanks to: Kiran Friesen, Oliver Leiber, Peter Stoller & Tricia Tahara-Stoller, Nicole Bucciarelli, Carolyn Cook, Rich Brunner, Orville Stoeber, Jason Painter, Mark Hanlon, Jennifer Tunney, Josee Campeau, Janine Holthusen, Erin Dobson, John Joyce, Anne Howell, Joe Franco, Aspasia Zacharidis, Alberdina Cowell, Belinda Blair, Maro Avakian. Without your generosity this record would have been truly impossible!

above all, to K

And special mention to John F and Steve L. Whether you realize it or not, we are brothers in all but name.

This album was written and recorded over 2 years on the road, and as such, is something of an odyssey… thank you to everyone who contributed in one way or another, materially, physically, psychically, spiritually... with love or vitriol... you are part of it now.