1. Amnesia

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bleary sight and weary head
can't kill the light and go to bed
cause if i close my eyes i'll only see

her endless length, her strength and grace
her emerald eyes, her open face
glowing as it only did for me

how can i lose this memory it drives me to insanity
but in the end it's really all i own

why should i let her vanish when
i'll only call her back again
reaping all the sadness that i've sown

come amnesia
sweet sweet amnesia
take it all away, even her name
why am i so afraid of going sane

there was a time the moon she owned
it shone its light on her alone
it always led her back to me with its call

now it's only mocking me
with idiot democracy
it shines down mediocrity
on us all

in every street and every park
where we pushed our luck and flayed our mark
we sowed a host of murderous memories

and everywhere i see your ghost
reminding me what hurts the most
is knowing that I did it all to me

come amnesia
sweet sweet amnesia
how can I just unknow what i know
erase it all so i can let her go

she was the soul and heart of love
she filled the very sky above
her blazing light was all that i could see

and now I'm blind to everyone
i stared too long into the sun
dark angel of oblivion

open up my hands and let her fall
I can't hold on to anything at all
I can't hold on to anything at all