1. An Open Sky

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far off the radar a contrail is streaming the channel is working but no-one's recieving and after all, what's there to say: everybody knows why
down on the ground all the widows are grieving the lawyers are lawyering the sadmen believing that after all, it doesn't seem such a bad way to die
in an open sky
higher than high, there's no drama no screaming, with cocktails in hand see the businessmen dreaming relaxed in their seats as the frost slowly silvers their eyes
scheduled to land 18:00 this evening but i don't suppose they'll be taking that meeting so god rest you, gentlemen tell everybody good-bye
from an open sky
aluminum angel all glistening and gleaming it's bearing them closer to heaven it seems tho bereft of a guiding hand somehow still able to fly
the honour guard breaks off, seeing it's useless, dipping their wings in a final salute as our heroes continue to climb so impossibly high
thru an open sky