1. Arlington

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Arlington woman, I'm not going to lie to you
there are some things that I could confess
but somehow, right now they just don't seem to matter
it's a question of simple perspective I guess

although she had my heart i knew she could do better
i tried to do right but could only be wrong
she wanted to go so one day I just let her
i loved her too much to just string her along

it wasn’t enough to just leave the city
i knew that i had to get far far away
so i signed off my life to take arms for my country
and that’s how we came to be talking today

it wasn't for god or for law or for order
nor to hold someone's illusory border
I had to drown out the war in my head
so I took a chance with a mortar instead

Arlington woman
i don’t mind the company
it really is better to not be alone
but where I am now there's no pain, only starlight
and i feel it pulling me home

maybe this is the day that i’ll finally forget her
I suppose I just had to sing someone this song
I'd like to have known you a little bit better
but I guess I'll be moving along.