1. Dame Atlantis


I'm both blesséd and curséd that we found each other

you're the queen of my heart, but you got here too late

You've the depths of my soul, but I'm sworn to another

in our very first kiss I could taste of my fate

our love like atlantis grew fair all around us

with towers and battlements built high in vain

for I could not but hear the sussurant sound of

the sea that the walls could no longer contain

I lied ever harder to keep out the ocean

but i'm borne far away by my oath and my kin

so he lulls you with soft whispered words of devotion

as I lie awake feeling the waves rolling in.

oh lady, fair lady atlantis.

i'm adrift on an empty horizon and there is no shore.

so sea, take me down, please show me no more.

our oasis of gold could have lasted the ages

as evening fell we would tryst in the square

your sweet cries of love flew like doves freed from cages

fluttering up thru the cool desert air

once I was king but now i am a pauper

begging a glimpse of the glories within

My place in your palace usurped by another

fmy sceptre is broken, my crown made of tin

and when night finally falls i can feel you together

he's erasing me slow with his mouth and his hands

our oasis is being devoured by the desert

the halls of our temple are filling with sand.

oh lady, dear lady oasis.

i'm athirst in this waste and there's nothing left here to defend

so sun strike me down: just let it all end.